Totally separate from the general computer and network support, RJS Consultants can offer businesses (both large and small) consulting services from Programme Management to Interim Management to Strategic Review.

As an outsider, our Consulting Service can be an ideal way to review what is happening in your IT department, and then define a strategy to move the department forward and add value to the business. It is our firm belief, proven in practice, that IT supports the business – NOT, the other way round.

To give a flavour of our recent engagements, RJS Consultants have:

  • Programme managed the investigation, design and implementation of a Paperless Office in a firm of Accountants
  • Performed an Outsourcing investigation for a major Retailer
  • Programme managed the switch to a new business CRM application at a Medical Recruitment Agency
  • Performed the investigation, tendering and implementation to outsource a company’s IT, whilst at the same time moving to a thin client solution

Reporting to board level directors, these roles have also become involved in other IT strategic changes, including:

  • IT Interim Management and the outsource of the IT department
  • Changeover to a Citrix and Thin Client environment
  • Development and implementation of Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity plans

In essence, RJS Consultants can help when there would be a benefit for your organisation to have an independent and external view, free from the political and other baggage that sometimes colours the conclusions that might be arrived at. To find out more information please contact us.