Not only do we support business clients with their IT, but we are very happy to support home users.

  It is just as critical that the home computer is working – some would say more critical!

  • The children need the computer for their homework, facebook, twitter, music, games and perhaps doing some internet research
  • Adults need the computer for their email, internet banking, recreation

The computer has become an integral part of the home – and when it isn’t working, it feels like you’ve been cut off from the world…..
So what can we cover?

We have long experience of resolving home computer problems, from viruses and spyware, to broadband and wireless connectivity problems. And speaking to remote call centres to sort out any problems at their end.

We also can help you with getting good value when you want to buy a new computer or add to your network at home. We only use good quality hardware and software, because we don’t want you to be coming back to us with complaints that things don’t work.

We want this to be a long term relationship, even if we don’t hear from you for many months because things are working well. That to us is a job well done.


Through its’ many years of experience, RJS Consultants are able to provide training to groups of staff or one-to-one tuition.

Our training and tuition can range from simplistic and general use of the internet/email, to specific tuition on Microsoft Office products (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access etc) and business applications such as QuickBooks from Intuit.

We prefer to do the training on your premises, so that you are familiar with the computer and any practice in-between the sessions can be on the material used as part of the training/tuition.

A question that we often hear at the beginning of a discussion is “How much time is required?”. The answer to this question depends on so many factors that it is impossible to give a categorical answer.

We are able to offer everything from a one-off session through ad hoc sessions to a series of regular sessions, depending on what you want to learn, and how quickly you absorb the material.

Each one-to-one session usually lasts one hour. This is the generally acknowledged optimal attention span. Depending on the interest and how well the material is being absorbed, the sessions might run a little longer – and sometimes a little shorter.

For group sessions, we usually allow 2 to 3 hours, to give time for the training session, question and answer and some individual attention.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What is Backup?

Backup is the ability to copy  all files from your computer  into a separate location, so that they will be safe in case of any problems. This is one of the most important, yet also one of the most neglected areas of computing. Backing up your data should be at the top of your computer maintenance list.  Without data backup you are running the risk of losing your data. And it will happen, don’t think that you don’t have to worry about it.

What would I backup?

With more and more information being held electronically, it is likely that you have photos, music, personal banking information, letters, and all sorts on the computer. What would happen if you lost your photos? Could you get retake them? Unlikely….. So why take the risk of losing them? If you are running any kind of business on the computer, what would happen if you lost the information on your clients? Or your financial records? It really doesn’t bear thinking about, does it??

So you really do need to backup your computer. The only question that then follows is….. How?

There are 3 generic option

1) CD, DVD or memory stick                                                                                         

2) External hard drive

3) Remote backup

Backup – Why it can’t wait until Tomorrow

It is one of those jobs that is always put off. We can give lots of names of people who have put off doing their backups, and then the computer has failed. Help. Please can you try to recover our data??Sometimes we can. Many times we have got most of the data back.  But not always. And the cost of retrieval can be significant. Why wait for a problem? Don’t put it off. Arrange for your Backup NOW. Please. We really are disappointed when we have to try to recover data off a failed disk or computer.


RJS Consultants operate an online help desk for clients to report problems to us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please click on the link below to be directed to our Help Desk login screen.

Login to Web Help Desk


Login using your email address, leave a description of the problem, and we will call you and discuss the problem within our agreed response time.


RJS Consultants can order and install PC’s for you, including the installation of your business software.

We have put together some great packages, that enables us to supply a full computer environment, and frees up your staff to help create value for your business. This support can be for as little as 3 hours a month, or as much as you need.

We take great care to protect your systems and PC network from virus and spyware – and can clean PC’s should they become infected.

We have a partner status with some high profile vendors:

  • Dell, who give us access to great deals and delivery capability on your behalf.
  • HP, which we generally use for printers, as they are (in our opinion) the best available and supportable.
  • Netgear, Offer 2 years warranty on the vast majority of their equipment, which we so rarely find problems with.
  • Symantec, who with their Symantec Protection Suite offer server and network management, including spam and virus control as well as major network overview.
  • McAfee, who we have found to provide the best anti-virus software on standalone computers. Everybody has their own opinion, which we respect, and we will work with whichever vendors a client would like to use. But if asked for a recommendation, we will opt for McAfee.
  • Avast, who are a secondary anti-virus software package, particularly good in the “free” anti-virus arena.


These are not necessarily always the cheapest option available – but they do together provide the most reliable networks, and in the environment that you work, that is extremely important.

Please contact us for more information.


Finding problems is an art… Often a black art !!


RJS Consultants have many years of experience finding and solving problems. It’s what we do, and we pride ourselves on being able to resolve problems quickly.

Their founder, Nigel Shapiro was for many years employed at one of the largest global IT Consultancies and spent much of that time “on-call”, ready to travel to the source of a problem, and then diagnose and finally fix it.

More recently, at RJS Consultants, he has built up a culture of working proactively for their clients.

RJS Consultants frequently resolve problems with Personal Computers, Servers and Networks. It is one of our specialities. Try us out when you next have a problem.

If you have a problem or would like to know more please either contact us or send us an email.

RJS Consultants are able to perform remote takeover support on your computer to help speed up the resolution of a problem. We use Team Viewer and ISLOnline software to perform secure remote support.

There are two approaches to each product –
1.   Quick Support, where nothing is installed on your computer, and there is a one time key to gain access

2.   Hosted Support, where the software is loaded onto your computer and RJSConsultants can quickly get access to provide support whenever it is required.


Team Viewer – Quick Support

The on demand version, this is saved to your desktop and will be ready for you to run the software when you want support. Other than when the software is running, nothing is installed on the computer.

Click here to Download TeamViewer Quick Support

Having run the software, you just need to tell us the Team Viewer ID, and the 4 digit password so that we can then takeover your computer across the Internet and look at the problem.

Team Viewer – Host Support

This version used more frequently within businesses, to support our clients. It is installed on the computer as a service, and is password protected so that we can access the computer at any time, even during an evening if the machine has been left on.

Click here to Download TeamViewer Host Support

* for security of your computer, Host Support should only be installed by RJSConsultants support staff


 ISL Online – Hosted Support

This version used more frequently within businesses, to support our clients. It is installed on the computer as a service, and is password protected so that we can access the computer at any time, even during an evening if the machine has been left on.

Click here to Download ISL Online Host Support

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